Anti Hero Turbo Island

Buckfast must have made a killing that day at Livi.

And the stuff at St Vincent street in Glasgow is rad. Don’t think much has gone down on that and it is massive.


I swear GT has some kind of computer that AI couldn’t imitate in his brain, when he get’s to a bowl he hasn’t skated before he scans it and just has every inch of it figured out like he’s a local. It’s crazy to see first hand, and he skates really well hammered. He was many pints and a big Desi down at that full pipe


The Pfanner thread the needle ollie is fucked!

They all went in. So, so rad.


There are spots in every town where every time you look at it, you’re all, ‘Yeah, somebody could do that’. This is not one of those spots.


Just rewatched again.
This is how you do a tour and make an amazing video in a week.
All hail this shit


I love how they named it after a triangular patch of mud/grass in Stokes Croft in Bristol.


*That bit with the fire at the start.

It’s a great venue. Late opening hours


I see @Barf in the Thank Yous heh.

Yeah, fucking rad, will watch again.

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That was a week? Amazing thoroughly enjoyed it. Was hoping for some Benson footage at Livi

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That patch of grass is so funny think they’ve concreted it now haha. It’s even on Google maps. Had a few cans amongst a sound system there many years back full of crusties

He’s in there - not skating but he appears.

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Edit was rad. Couldn’t help but notice how run down the UK looks though, crap everywhere!

‘Strong hair game this lot eh?’ Says the missus.

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There was a fire there the other week when I was in Bristol haha

I have BGP’s in Daan’s clip at New Bird at 3:13, fully stoked.


The Turbo Island in Bloom account on insta was always a good window into the world of the Island but - bar the Anti Hero post - has been quiet for a couple of years now…

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I got BGPs at Lloyds and Dean Lane! :grinning:

Was so lush watching BA and Gerwer at Lloyds - I’ve got poached angles of both their clips which I’ll Instagram now the video’s online.

Gerwer was so close to a BS 360 too, which is nuts for someone almost as old as me!