Anyone have a scan of 'Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion' or a Sean Cliver book??

Hello! This is my first post so I hope it’s in the right section:) It’s my relative’s birthday soon, and he was hoping to get either one of Sean Cliver’s skateboarding books or the ‘Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion’, but unfortunately I can’t afford it at the moment. I know it’s far-fetched, but does anyone have a scanned copy of any of these books that they’re willing to share?
Much appreciated, cheers!

Jesus, price of that on Amazon…

The Made for Skate one is pretty shit, it stops when clothes get interesting.

Both Disposables are essential.

I think the disposalable art one is getting reprinted soon I heard someone say so don’t splash out on the amazon price for it.

There are two Disposables, second one should still be in print. There’s meant to be a revised Not A Fashion (understandably so), since they’ve just done a revised version of the shoe book. Which really needed improved anyway.