Anyone noticed anything weird with forum?

…an old developer account I created for Facebook devs for testing login just flagged some of my posts. Have disabled the account but please let me know if you have noticed anything weird or out of place in case that account has been hacked.

If not, no need to reply.


This might be nothing but it hasn’t really happened until the past day or two. It’s not happening a lot but it has done a few times.

When writing a post/ reply I’ve tapped* out of the reply box in order to scroll up to double check something I’m referring to. Then, when I tap the reply box again to continue my post, the cursor will end up out of the top of the text box, above the icons and sits next to the title. So in this screenshot, the cursor would be to the right of, or amongst the blue text that reads, ‘’Vans ‘Much Quiet.’’

In addition to this, the box itself scrolls up, leaving a blank page,(the four icons - ‘reply’, :wastebasket: and the photo/files and preview are still visible at the base of the page).Then, I am unable to get the cursor to return from where it’s sitting, back to the reply box by tapping. The text I have already written is out of sight unless I scroll up. I can then see the top of the reply box, my partially completed post and the position of the cursor. If I take my thumb/ finger off the screen, it immediately scrolls back to the bottom again, leaving the blank space.

I those cases I’ve just had to bin the attempted post and begin again.

  • (I say ‘tap’ and not ‘click’ because 1) I’m just on my phone - iPhone running iOS 15.5) and tapping is therefore what I’m doing, and, 2) I’m old, out of touch and have as little to do with IT as possible these days, and so consequently am more than likely getting the terminology wrong. Also, ‘cursor’. They’re still a thing, right? You know, people still say cursor? :wink:).
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