Anyone on here able to/know someone who can digitise mini dv tapes?

Apologies for the self-centred post.
I need a lot of mini dv tapes digitising and thought I’d ask on here before giving my money to a stranger. Any leads?

Do you no longer have a camera? I assume you just need a camera or some device to put the tapes into to capture the footage.

Remember it being a faff, I bet filming and editing is way easier now.

Nah I have the camera just not a computer with FireWire etc.

Whitlock purchased an old iMac for the sole purpose of capturing all his tapes for Sulis.

May be worth giving him a shout?

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Let me know if you find someone @anonymity

My Brother is looking to digitise a Mini-DV tape of his wedding

Do you know Will Creswick? I’m pretty sure he has all the firewire/mini dv kit. He might digitise for mates rates?

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I’ve got a mini dv tape in a drawer from when I took my video camera to a random party, no idea who’s it was. I somehow gave it to this weird Eastern European girl who went off with it for ages, I found it on the hall table when I left. Watched it back and she had filmed herself verbally abusing various people and being well weird, until she eventually got chucked out after a bit of a row, very strange to watch


Sounds like the Blair bitch project


Or the video for Prodigy SMBU.

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I bought a device to do this myself a few months back (ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0).

Had a little play with some VHS tapes but think a refurb laptop with FireWire would be better for mini-dv etc… plus it can only do 4:3.

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Wasn’t it a chemical brothers video?

Edit - nah you’re right

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It’s the Prodigy … the woman in the video is called Teresa May. 90s glamour model not the ex Prime Minister, haha.

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One caused a trail of indescrimiate destruction and the other was in a prodigy video etc