April Fools

Any good ones going around? I’m in Estonia so I don’t get to hear of any in the UK

I remember when sidewalk did one about grip tape being banned worldwide going. Proper had me going for awhile, was considering stockpiling sandpaper

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Wasn’t it just randomly in the April issue though, so there was no obvious connection with April Fools

I set up a fake account as an early grabbing right wing bellend and you all fell for it, lol


Yes! The spine read “the April fools issue” which was the only reason I eventually clocked it. Think it was like 2002

Another one from eS

Free shoes when you buy socks. Today only

I replied today, does that make the account not a joke now? hmmm

To be fair, this was less a joke and more a cool marketing ploy. Socks were £45.

I know, wondered how many people got that far. etnies did the same with £45 hats

April fools. It’s not a fake account. Not by me anyway.

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