AVE's green bench

I posted this in Footage but it’ll get lost in there and it deserves the air.
Great interview/video piece with Van Engelen about that green bench that has followed his career around for the last 20 years.


Real banging that. Mega props Farran!

That was soooo good.
Great start to my day!
Thanks gents.

That was great.

Yeah Faz! Stoked for ‘my boy’


Big up Farran, that was so so good. Loved it. What a crazy story!

Yes Faz absolute legend, hooking up the sick content always

Nice one Farran!

Haha, I’d be gutted spending a fair bit of coin getting a replica fabricated only for the original to show up. Hopefully he’ll be able to find them a permanent home at a skatepark somewhere.

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Didn’t realise he was so nice. Always thought he’d be a bit aggro, or a bit cool-guy. That was good.

Easy fellas, hope you’re all good!

Not been on here much lately due to a combination of moving house and staring at a timeline for this, ha.

Cheers for the kind words, it was a lot of fun to work on.

And yeah, AVE’s really nice. I was expecting him to seem intimidating but he’s just straight talking, really funny and a good storyteller.

I only had to bring up the bench and he enthusiastically launched into the whole story.

The DC Video was my first skate video too, and his opening clip is on that bench, so it’s a trip that this thing came around.


That was quality.

You going to do a follow up with those 2 thieves Tony Tave and Tosh Townend? :smiley:


Was it Tave? I thought he said Tony T(rujillo)!

I think it was Tave.

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Yeah it was. It was me listening to it in the background and not really paying attention

That was a fucking great watch.

Thank you!

yeh. that was rad

Best bit of skate ‘content’ I’ve seen in a long long time

So good, just watched it on my lunch break.
Favourite bit was right at the end.

I don’t understand this fucking chunk of motherfucking shit

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It’s a great interview because it doesn’t feel like an interview. It feels more like your buddy telling a funny story down the pub.