Axel Cruysberghs ‘Paired’

This is top tier delicate hammer shit.
Thread worthy 100%


Penultimate tricks nuts

He should just go with Axle Crusher it’s all I can see when I read his name anyway

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Sick part but I wish they wouldn’t put the last trick on the thumbnail.

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It elicited an audible “woah” from me and that is pretty high praise these days

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Enjoyed that. Delicate hammers is a good way to put it. His skating feels contemporary but not trendy.

Tbh I’ve seen more print ads than I have footage of him up to this point. Wonder if he’ll also have a part in the upcoming Toy video?

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The escalator hammer should have been the ender but that’s the only bad thing I can say about this part.

Eternal props for making it as a pro in the States being a kid from a small town in Belgium.

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