Back on a board after nearly a decade

Around 8 or 9 years ago through a mixture of my final year at Uni, getting a job and moving city i (foolishly?) stopped skateboarding, but thanks to digging through a box and finding an xbox 360 copy of skate 2, I’ve been inspired to start up again. dug out my old board and started getting back to grips with it all.

I’m 30 now, living in Leicester and looking for tips on building my confidence, getting back my bag of tricks and seeing whats changed since 2010. surely there’s a few others who’ve been through the same thing? I’ve got myself a new board and been down the local skate park (Viccy park) and i remember why i loved it in the first place.

used to skate Nottingham, Arnold bowls, Lady Bay and Mansfield plaza (which was brand new then!)

went looking for the old sidewalk forum i used to lurk and ended up at this fine establishment. so any advice or tips to help me start looking cool in front of a barrage of kids on scooters? :wink:


I’ve done the same thing, only it’s more like 15 (or 20) years for me… And I basically can’t remember anything. Like even ollies are hard.

So no useful advice really, other than just skate lots and it will come I guess!

Early sessions (pre 10am) are the way to go if you feel a bit too self conscious. Mile End skatepark isn’t too far from Viccy park, that’s got some great low-impact stuff to skate.

He means vicky park in Leicster

Aaaah. Maybe not so close then.

I was furiously googling mile end skatepark Leicester for a while haha.

I am from Mansfield and skated those places you mention, apart from the Plaza, oddly enough, because it wasn’t built until I’d left the place.
I skated it once on a flash trip to the UK from Sweden.

Long shot but you weren’t the Mush that worked at Non Stop sports in manny where you?


nice one, i did a random day of work experience with you when i was like 15. good to know your still about!

Fancy that.

manny plaza would be a good place to get some tricks back, unfortunately its over an hour away now. good skatepark!

The new bit at Loughborough is pretty fun. Quite busy though. Just try and micro dose with little skates whenever you can.

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Same here, about 15 years off for me. I can barely Ollie. I’m just getting used to kickturns on flat banks. I don’t think a lot has changed, other than slightly wider decks and a lot more scooter kids. As others have said, try and get out early before it’s too busy and skating little and often. This is what I’ve been doing and it’s working well for me, boosting confidence slowly but surely.




Very much LOLing at this. :ok_hand:

I had a hilarious Mumsnet-related quip prepared a few weeks ago, but then realised as a contributor to the parenting thread that I am part of the problem.

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I have to hold myself back from going turbo ‘AIBU to think my opposite neighbour is being a CF for parking here’

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Melton Mowbray skatepark is pretty good and is always pretty mellow when i visit. Not sure how mobile you are.

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Lady Bay has been redone in concrete, was opened a month or so ago. Still mellow. Worth a visit.