Back to skateboarding after 10 years

Long time since skating and then so much of it in one burst, you’ve perhaps used muscles that haven’t been used in such a way for a long time so there should be no surprise that the pain has lasted a couple of days.

I feel you.
It’s just the mechanics of the body using parts not like its used to. You have to start slowly.

Oh, and make sure you watch Video Days.


If you went to the gym for the first time and then ached the next day would you pack it in? Shit’s not easy, you’ll push through it soon enough

edit - I actually would do that thinking about it but skateboarding’s actually fun

I remember my first leg day. My second leg day was about 2 years after.

I went back out again for an hour yesterday did some warming up but my right knee cap feels like someone’s smashed it with a hammer it keeps giving out on my and I’m nearly falling over. So I think I’m going to have to call it quits it shouldn’t be this bad.

This guy is shilling for knee pills, guaranteed.

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Watch some of this to get you pumped for next time

Sidenote this guy has literally not aged in 26 years


Take a few day’s off and see how you’re feeling. I’m a year older than you and got back into skating start of June this year, without properly skating for a good 8 years. First few times I went out I wasn’t quite sure, but I kept going anyway and after a month I was feeling stronger than I did when I’d stopped at 20. I’m not even a street skater and learnt switch tres the other night. So you defo can teach an old dog new tricks! Not learned a flat ground trick since I was 14! Give it a bit of time though as for me coming back skating is as good if not better than the first time!

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You just signed up to flex on all of us didn’t you


Fucking hell, I’ve been trying to learn them since 1994, you’re doing all right mate

Nah, but I was in the same position as your man the first few times I went out this year and the joy it’s brought me sticking at it is amazing! Just letting him know it might be worth sticking to it. 6 hours on your first day back is gonna fuck anyone up also.

I’ll get there I guess just going to bear with it I don’t think I’ll ever get tre flips tbh they wind me up too much trying them haha I can get a hard flip to rotate better which is odd.

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I look forward to hearing/seeing about it!!! Good man! Proper gnarly exercise too which I didn’t really know. According to my Apple Watch can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. But I skate alone and ain’t really sitting about. Dunno how accurate it is though!

I’m off for 3 months now damage in ligament from just skating somehow haha so yeah I’ve proper stuffed it.

Nah you got the itch back. Doc says 3 months you’ll be back on it after 2

Ah not good to hear!

81 years old

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Im just getting back into it myself. Nice to hear there are other 40 year olds still at it


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