Back to skateboarding after 10 years

Hi everyone I’ve just picked up a skateboard after 10 years out of it stopped at 17 I’m 27 now. I managed to get ollies, kickflips, 1 very bad varial, fakie bigspins, and pop shuvs and fs pop shuvs which I was impressed with.

Is there any tips anyone has on stopping ankle bruising as I only fell once and wasn’t on my feet but my front foot ankle is absolutely swollen today doesn’t really hurt. My legs are burning but I just need to get used to it again.
Been skating in DC kalis red/white shoes and my ankle seems wrecked after 6 hour session.

Although I’m majorly impressed with being able to still even skate took 30 mins to get my balance back decently.


Skating for 6 hours would destroy me.

6 minutes enough for me.

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Yeah @Ben93 you went hard for a first full session after 10 years… I’m not surprised your ankles are a bit fucked!

I had a similar break and then skated 2 days in a row for about 2 hours each and my feet were ruined, I had the worst heel bruise ever and couldn’t walk right for about a week.

You look a bit fitter than me but also a bit heavier. So make sure you look after your feet and knees. Not to be a downer, but you’re not 17 anymore.

Your front ankle probably hurts from doing so many flip tricks. Or maybe rolling it partially. So make sure you have shoes that have good ankle support. Once you get one bad ankle roll you’re more likely to do it again as the ligaments get stretched.

Props for getting back on it!

My back aches too now and me legs are burning my back is probably worse than my ankles. Yeah I’m quite heavy I come in at 104kg but my weight hasn’t shifted much tbh since I was 17 I was probably around 91kg then. I’m relatively fit I climb snowdon via the hardest route up crib goch twice a year normally. Also like my cliff climbs at the coast and also recently had a whole day off cliff jumping into a quarry in Cornwall haha. It’s mainly the impact of landing tricks I suppose I’m quite heavy to land tricks I guess and all that time out of it suppose a whole body ache is normal. I’ll start easier next weekend and just do an hour a go or something.

I’m happy to get back into it and hope the pain eases off over a few months of it

Yeah you went too hard. You’ll hopefully get conditioned to it pretty quickly but I’d slow it down a bit. Do it regularly but not for too long each time

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You’ll be alright after a few weeks of it, getting back on the horse after such a long time will wreck you. I’m fucked for days after skating even though I manage to get out once a week.

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I’m feeling better today. I need to make some skateboard friends out my way in West Sussex/Hampshire them photos were back down where I used to live which is miles away. Have one awful skatepark but seems to stay quiet near me the other main ones for me would be to drive to Southsea and use the big one there or the base one in Bognor. Think I’ll go practice more first though never been a ramp or vert skater more street.

I’m determined to relearn half cab kickflips again and a few other stuff I’m sure it will all come with time I nearly got nollie fs 360s which is funny as it’s something I’d never done before. It does feel very nostalgic getting back into it. I just don’t like the looks I get due to being older than most people.

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Loads of us are in our 40s, you’re a youngster!

It’s good though, you give less and less of a fuck about what people think the older you get. Keep it up and keep us updated. There’s a footage thread if you want to share any clips, personal photos thread etc etc. The chat on here is definitely geared more to the gentleman skateboarder so am sure you’ll feel comfortable in no time.

Welcome to the community

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Chichester’s a pretty good park with a few locals. Could mission over to Brighton too. I’m from West Sussex as well but right over the other side, there’s some good parks around but not much of a scene anywhere

Chichester isn’t too far of a drive I’m midhurst area

good park in petersfield and a little fun one in emsworth.

If you’re on Facebook I posted on the middle aged shred group and met local skaters through there. We skate street regularly together now and I’ve made some friends through it. I’m not on Facebook anymore but that was one positive.

6 pumps is enough for me

there is some good warm ups on the Daily Push you tube channel. this one about 5 things not to do before a skate is super helfpul


and the flipside of what you should do - he is uk based physio who is a good skater

pre-skate warm up

post-skate stretch

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Might have to change my mind about taking it up again I went just for a ride about yesterday for 15 mins and everything’s killing again my legs are awful I just think I’m past it unfortunately

No way are you past it. It just takes the body a little while to get used to the type of movements and impacts that come with it.

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Long time since skating and then so much of it in one burst, you’ve perhaps used muscles that haven’t been used in such a way for a long time so there should be no surprise that the pain has lasted a couple of days.

If you went to the gym for the first time and then ached the next day would you pack it in? Shit’s not easy, you’ll push through it soon enough

edit - I actually would do that thinking about it but skateboarding’s actually fun