Baglady - 'Packlight'

Davide and DD really went in for this!

Really good!


Yeah this is amazing, the complete package

That was so nice. Baglady coming up fast. These guys, Forecast and Serious Adult are my fave UK brands right now.

Oh and Bruvver Bristol and Ganj Wax :smiley:

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I’ve got an association bias but watching this at the premier I was blown away by the level of skating in this. I wasn’t expecting the standard to be set so high.

D+DD are the stand outs in the video but there’s no weak links, the whole team are great.
Davide’s tech stuff was the highlight for me.
Back nosegrind nollie back heel was perfect and Darryl’s general super powers were a great way to end the video and introduce the company

@jimo thanks, I was actually refreshing the ‘shit Instagram brands’ thread in a nervous, sweaty fever when it was first made hahah glad SA popped up in this thread and not that one haha


I rate your stuff I love a brand with personality.

Big UP Seriouz Adoolt :heart:


I’ll try not to flood this thread too much but if you haven’t seen the video, this clip is a good indicator of what you’ll get:

I can’t quite put my finger on why but darryl’s section felt like there were some similarities with Chris Jones’ vase part, specifically this trick and Chris’ Ollie over rail into steep bank ender


Haven’t gone anywhere near this lot cos the name is so bad

Do love DD though so may be swayed

Really enjoyed that, the skating, music, filming and edit was so good.

All of DDs stuff was sick.
That fifty into the bank to quick hippy jump is banging. Taken a couple of people out trying that…Feel like that trick might get overlooked when watching.
Daryl had some very gnarly stuff. Always down to watch his output.

I definitely enjoyed the video. Worth the time to watch properly and it’s nice to see new Fairfields appearing and a little bit of avoidance of the Parliament Sq./St. Pauls/SB loop in favour of lesser seen spots.

Filming and Tom Delions edit (and footage) was dope. I dunno…there was a lot to enjoy.
Only thing is that grade was way too heavy for me personally, and made some clips hard to see but whatever. Tap the left arrow for the quick rewind and all is good…

They used that Vibert LFO cover, too. Good, that.


That kickflip nosegrind :heart_eyes: