Baker 420 - Tyson & T-Funk

Baker Baker.

Holy shit!


A Tyson Peterson part released on 4/20 sounds like the absolute worst thing I could imagine.

Thankfully T-Funk saved the day. Holy shit that guy is gnarly

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T-Funk part was very good, that China Banks ollie. Wowza <3

Whole thing was mental but little Tristan screw face is something extra.
Fucking hell

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My thoughts entirely

Absolutely not a fan of Tyson.
Or Figgy’s music.
Terry Funk saved the show.
Best bit was Reynolds and Ellington going back to back on the bump to bank.



I also very much liked the fact that he wears about 5 different shoe brands in that part

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T-Funk is so fucking legit

The whole video was incredible.

Don’t really get the Tyson hate. Yeah, he’s the epitome of the chaotic, scuzzy, stoner skater but he has a really fluid style for a rail chomper and seems very spontaneous in how he skates. His first line was really sick.

As was Figgy’s double-kink crook.

T Funk was next level. The drop down nose manual at Union Square was fucked.

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Didn’t like the smashing into security guards tbh. If there’s someone in your way then just stop and come back.

Good skating in his part though.


Jagger/Ozzy vibes.

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That TP part is amazing. So fucking sick.

We are hardly the target audience anymore. 15 year old me would have been buying a Baker board next.

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T-Funk part was crazy, a lot of spots I’d never seen in that (not that I know anything these days) that whole clip was so good.

first thing he does after landing a trick going at mach 10 is to push!

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Loved that. The 360 flip going down the hill :heart_eyes:

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A few of the baker family look like they take personal hygiene as serious as Putin takes the West.



But yeah. But also, whatevs. It’s always been a thing some people do.

Both of those guys were siiiiiick. The Reynolds/EE One Two was gold. Figgy came through pretty hard, also.

Yeah…into it.

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Christ , have we forgotten our youth and the same skaters wearing what ever and smelling like a crusty’s camper van.
Lighten up you miserable Fuck’s it’s skateboarding.

They’re sick skaters that was a fucking nuts edit especially TF. Boy is on another level .