Bam margera decks

I’ve got two decks and wondered if anyone knew what they might be worth to sell? Have pictures just can’t work out how to post on here.

Just add the image by uploading it through the image icon by the reply box.

Might struggle selling them in here though.

could make cat shelves out of them.

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Thanks guys. I’ve put pictures up now. I was originally going to do shelves with them but never got round to it. Just wanted an idea.

Depends, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I’ve seen people asking for the Bam-a-gram fade board before and the other might even be a bit rarer? Between £100 to £200’ish (each). Skateboard collectors page on FB will probably go mad over them. Good luck.

Depends but there are some oddbods that collect bam decks and pay. Best place is on collector groups on Facebook. I have seen plenty of Bam decks change hands but I have no idea what ones are desirable or not though.

Thanks guys. Will try Facebook.

I’ve got some bam - pink and purple destructo trucks I’m thinking if selling. Wonder if anyone will be interested

if they are from the 90’s, i know a guy…


I scanned the title of this topic and thought it said “Bam margera dead”