Hey up ducks, flying to Barcelona at the end of this month to go on a climbing trip but will have a couple of days in the city so I’m going to take my board. I’ve not been for about 10 years though now so can anyone recommend some mellow spots or parks to tootle about on, or anything else for that matter fewd, bars whatevs? Muchos Gracias

It now says “Tourist go home” all over it. New mayor.

Rad tapas place called ‘La Xampanyeria’ (Can Paixano) down by the harbour for snacks and red Cava.

second that, cheap as fuck aswell but gets really busy, be prepared to wrestle to the front to order

I might make a definitive list so people stop asking about Barna.

Might be 3rd/ 4th time in the last 6 weeks.

Still my favourite thing about Barcelona is the Party Persians.

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Tarragona / Siuranna but might have a day in Montserrat if we get chance, looks interesting

Nice one. Well jeal :slight_smile: