Barney Page: Lands End Documentary

Surely this is threadworthy

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Total legend. A friend did the same in Ireland 10/11 years ago, it wasn’t easy going

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In this instance, orange wheels are allowed :pray:

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With a fridge?

Watch his stories. He did.

Imagine starting 940 odd miles of pushing with a rolled ankle. Eeek.

Thankfully, he is all good.

the homie trav driving the van for this, can guarantee some treats on his wild swimming insta the next few weeks -

He’s only gone and bloody done it.


Absolute legend . Hands down sick Kunt :clap:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

Footage or it didn’t happen.


Awesome! That’s some achievement :sunglasses:

Raised over £17k.

Really amazing.

He must be knackered. Bravo Barney!

Fucking hell, serious serious props to that man!

I imagine you’d have to alternate your pushing foot!?

Would be a good opportunity to get your switch push down, that’s for sure

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I’m same pushing with both feet but even skating around Malmo that first time with insane blisters on my feet. So hard! Can’t imagine what Barney’s feet were feeling like.

Pretty rad it made it to here…


Just ripped this from the iPlayer and stuck it on my YT as unlisted just due to the BBC deleting this stuff after 24 hours…Pretty cool piece.


Looks cold in the studio…