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One of the most creative British skaters. Up there with Tom Knox, in my opinion. Some great stuff in this and really well put together. Nice crusty spots. Shout out the filmers!

Lloyds slam is horrific.


Well that was fucking amazing, too much shit to call out. One thing I really like about Barney parts is that its always different tricks. Never repetition.

Ride on Bs Noseblunt at Macba is jaw droppingly hard.

He’s been on Etnies and Sour forever, I really hope he gets paid well.


Shout out to @Londonskater for filming


many (beautiful) nollie flips in lines there. i counted 3, do a 360 flip or something!


That was so sick. Barney is ridiculous!

Rad to see a couple of Brum/Midlands spots pop up too - didn’t expect to see a Nick Garcia clip in Bromsgrove on a Wednesday afternoon!


Just watched that with a few mates and we loved it! Great filming, classic Barney spots and tricks, sick. We all agreed that the Etnies Calicut style black and white shoes actually looked good too.


Think the shoes are the windrow vulc. Toe stitching looks nice on them.

The switch heel f/s nose slide was unexpected.


It was the shoes Nick Garcia was wearing…what were they?

really enjoyable part

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I felt like I just watched more roll on noseblunts in the last 8 minutes than the rest of my 40 years of life combined. :joy:

Jokes aside, rad skating. Music was pretty dull though.


He’s come a long way from nollie back 180ing human shit gap in MK…



Really enjoyed that. Its an edit I can see myself coming back to for once, in this day and age. Well done Barney & Londonskater.

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Really didn’t expect the lloyds slam. The severity shook me abit.
What was he like after @Londonskater ?

Barney does a great job at skating spots with an out of the box approach that sits in the sweet spot of interesting, before that point when things start to get a bit too whacky (see: poetic collective).

Well done LS


So grim, right?

I didn’t shoot that clip (Or the Lyceum FS Half Cab Flip) whereas the rest of the UK stuff was all mine. And most of the non Barcelona Euro stuff.

I filmed the single which comes after the slam but not the line.
Jack Thompson was back in Bristol with him, en route to Exeter. They thought they’d just bang out a line to go with the backtail flip we shot a few weeks before.

He was fine apparently but they went to the hospital to get it checked out, just because he did hit his head.


Bloody good, tha.

That slam had me put down my cuppa lemon and ginger tea for a sec or two bloody 'orrible, tha.

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