Bearing spare parts

hi guys

i was looking into my bearings and it turned out that the cage and shield was damaged
ive gotten new bearings since then

is there anywhere i can get some non contact rubber shields and some ball cages?

Bearings are pretty cheap i’d just get some new ones. I don’t think you can buy spare parts.


ok thanks

i have a set of bones reds
they say have the back side open and can fit non contact rubber shields but i cant find any

You don’t need the rubber shields, they look better without.


…and sound better too.


If you look around you can actually buy Bones shields separately IIRC

I’ve been rolling around on the same pair of bearings for nearly 10 years (heroin nosebleeds) minus the one that exploded a year ago.
You don’t need them side shields they slow you down.

No protection, no lube. Keep it dirty.


I’ve never bothered servicing, oiling or cleaning bearings ever. Just every 5-10 years when they get rattly and tinny get a new set (and don’t be tempted to spend a fortune, a £10-15 set will do).
You only need the expensive ones if you’re going down a mountain pass on your longboard in a lycra clad suit.and even then it probably makes full all difference.

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Treat them like a mogwai and don’t get them wet.

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Do you know where i can get some ?
ive had a look but nothing is popping up
just spare bearings

i only wanted the shields to prevent dirt getting on my spare bearings
the cages i wanted for the bearings that i broke the cages in. the internals are all good, a little scruffy but they still roll just without a cage

Shields off all the time. It’s a £20 set of bearings.

Leave sheilds off and every 6 months or even a year, take bearings out and clean them with fuel injection cleaner, re lube and put back in.

I always leave the shields on, I know everyone takes them off but I don’t get it. I like those 6 ball/big ball Bones bearings I reckon they’re worth the extra.

Yeah, I’m not sure on this received “wisdom” of removing bearing covers. I’m going to go with the obvious preference of the manufacturers rather than a bunch of skateboarders with their “devil may care” attitudes.


Bronson sell a ‘Raw’ version with the shields already removed which cost more :neutral_face:

I bet this is as close to actually going skateboarding as this guy ever gets.

…throw them away and buy some new ones :joy:


Normal Bearings yeah

I only ever ride Swiss, (here we go again :wink:)…They will last a bit longer than a year with no shields and no cleaning. I can’t be arsed cleaning them, I don’t chuck them away though, I’ll just give them to someone who needs them, (Swiss that need a clean>new bargain bearings), or stick them on a wet set up and get a spanking new set.


fair enough innit!

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