Beginner meet ups Yorkshire skaters?!

I’m 29 and just finally bought a skateboard. After a rough 20’s with Crohn’s disease in and out of hospital alongside a mental health battle, I’ve finally taken the plunge to buy a board and start falling.

I don’t have any mates into skating so just trying to meet some beginners or anyone willing to take me under their wing ha!

Eventually, my goal is bowl/pool and very skating. I love the old school aggressive surf style and huge airs. Love watching street also, but I’m aiming to carve and fly ha!

I’m from Bradford but going to be using LSTEN and mags on ramps when covid allows and in summer all over really.

Nice one :+1:t2:


Nice one man, welcome and have fun.


Welcome @Robbo1991 nice to have you here.

Mags on ramps is the one in Halifax, right? Looks like they have a good little mini ramp although I’m told it’s mad slippery. Need to get over post-Covid and have a look.
I think Mike Wright skates there a lot - I know he was doing some coaching lessons there at one point.

Plenty of sick parks dotted around near you - give that new one in Horsforth near Leeds ago - that’s got a rad bowl and you’ll probably bump into Jono Coote who is basically the nicest man alive.


There’s a guy who works at LSTEN called Denham he does lessons if you’re a total beginner, I know he’s recorded some videos for their YouTube. He’s a freestyler but he can help you get the basics down.


Den is cool as fuck


He came up here and taught a few of us our level 1 coaching course.


Hi just over the hill in Keighley mate, we have a lot of skate parks around this area, the skate parks in Keighley is great and as a beginner myself find it great and not at all intimidating ( we will be there all the time when the sun comes out) The new park at Horsforth is very nice but massive not for the faint harted. Not been to Ls10 yet but my girls keep pestering me to take them.

Might see you about at some piont.



Hi mate!

I work at LS TEN and actually do most of the skate lessons there. Real name is Sam/Blinky so feel free to hit me up if you’re about! In summer we’ll be building more concrete stuff out the back of the park once fingers crossed, social distancing has been lightened a bit too, and you would be welcome to join us. Hopefully bump into you soon!

Once the park is back up and running after lockdown you can get on the Monday night session which is a beginners night aimed at adults! Good way to meet some new people too.


Oh and can confirm both Denham and Jono are two of my favourite dudes! Defo get to the new Horsforth park when you can, dream pool coping and good transition stuff aswell as a rad little curby tarmac flat area!


Thanks man! I will deffo be in touch with LSTEN when we’re allowed back in!
Thanks for your message, I can’t wait to get started!

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the message man. Definitely hope to get meet up when the sun hits!

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Thanks man! Hopefully, will be meeting him after lockdown!

Hey man,
Thanks for your message. Yeah, the one in Halifax but from my house it’s similar distance to LSTEN do I will most likely go there more as they provide lessons!