Best board for UK rural roads

Thanks a lot. I’ll take a look at that setup.

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coulda swore windermere had a mini ramp?

They’re okay, not exactly skater owned, skate supermarket is a nearly bang on, they’ve been around for over 20 years, the majority of their trade is online, the actual shop is now the size of broom cupboard (gets smaller everytime I go in which is rarely) and is there simply to appease certain brands and distributers they trade with. I’m sure they’d close the shop if they could.

I’m not saying don’t shop there. You can get everything you need from them but if you were to walk in for a chat or advice about kit or hardware etc, you might not be talking to a skater. I’d fire your questions this way.

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They’ve a got a metal spined mini somewhere. I’ve been told by a few people it’s a deathtrap when wet.

Nope. Skate supermarket right there.

Mail order from Slam City Skates is your best option.

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I saw Nick Boserio had a nice selection of all-terrain setups on his Instagram.

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According to Google reviews he’s closed due to a fire. That was October

It had a wooden 5ft mini nice n wide built in 98 then when it got blasted by a cumbrian winter and the surface perished it got replaced with a metal death trap. Don’t know if it is still there now.

Windermere mini 98/99.


Do you know SBT photo on instagram? He’s from Carlisle originally and lives in Manchester now. He recently put up some old clips of him skating the Barrow park back in the day.

Danny M, aye I occasionally skated with him in MCR when I lived there was surprised to see him at the local in barrow one year when I went back for Christmas.
I’m missing out on insta, got too many distractions as it is.

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Yeah I know Danny, great guy. Not seen him for years but have skated and partied with him many times in the past.

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Bit late to this thread but I’m scrolling while procrastinating at work, if you havent already bought your set up I highly reccomend getting OJ Super Juice as your wheels for country riding. I live in a small village and surfaces are a nightmare but with the OJ’s I can skate the road, the pavements and the cobbled culdesacs! You can still get some decent pop with them as theyre not as spongey as longboard wheels. I haven’t managed to powerslide on them yet though.

Like others have said, get an old school cruiser deck or just a massive normal deck (my fuck around deck is a Creature 9.25 with a slightly wider tail) rather than a longboard as then you can use it in the parks when everything opens back up.

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