Best board for UK rural roads

I’m new to the forum. Based in rural Cumbria and wanting to get back into skateboarding at the ripe old age of 48, after a lay-off of about 30 years! I’m looking for some advice on a board for cruising around the narrow, bumpy rural roads around me, just for fun, get a bit of air and some exercise. If the plague ever clears off and office work starts again, it’d be good to be able to ride to work on dry days from time to time, which is 10 miles. I’d also take the board to ride along the seafront or in parks on days out. So that’s what I’d use it for. I think I probably need either a cruiser or a standard longboard but not sure which would be better on balance. I’ve been reading about cruisers like the Landyachtz Dinghy or Arbor Pilsner, and they sound like they might be a good compromise… reasonable for distances but also quite agile for the narrow roads near me and for parks/seafronts when there are more people around. Also means I can do basic getting-around tricks for getting on/off footpaths, clearing obstacles etc. Or, am I better with a longer longboard? All suggestions welcome! Thanks a lot.

Going to be honest, skating 10 miles on Cumbrian lanes sounds insane.
10 miles is a fucking long way on a skateboard.
I’d personally recommend getting a normal skateboard and driving somewhere to use it.

Hi, thanks for taking time to reply.

I’m looking at the skateboard as an alternative to short rides for fun on my bicycle… just heading out to cruise around for a few hours or taking it when I go for a day out somewhere where there’s a good place to skate. Used to rollerblade when I lived in London and it was a bit like that… skating around a park or joining in a group skate on the city roads, or along the seafront at Blackpool when I moved further north. As a teenager, I sometimes rode my skateboard to school, although that was only about 3 miles. I’ve been watching some videos of people doing long-distance skating… can’t see myself doing Lands End to John O’Groats all the same!


Where abouts in Cumbria? There’s an indoor park in Barrow. A good outdoor park at Whitehaven and Kendal. A friend is relocating the indoor park in Carlisle to a bigger unit currently as well.

Is their still a park in windermere?

Not that I’ve heard off. Off top of my head, Carlisle has outdoor and indoor. One at Brampton, Penrith, Kendal, Workington, Whitehaven, Barrow has an indoor. There is talks of Carlisle getting a pump track as well.

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What happened to the small concrete park next to Carlisle Castle?

Still there, they’ve added a couple of bits but it’s the usual Council job. Cut a square added some new tarmac and an obstacle inside of that

Carlisle had a big scene back in the mid 90’s I used to get the train to skate there regularly mostly at schools, one being Trinity.

Where in Cumbria do you live JakiBell?

I’m in BFI! Right on the fellside about 10 miles east of Penrith.

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I’ve never skated at a skate park… there weren’t any when I was skating as a teenager! Wouldn’t I get laughed at by teenagers? Here comes a 48-year-old skater girl with a cruiser board… this should be good… (are you the same H Palmer who’s on the Mini forum, by the way! Hello, if so! I’m on there, too.)

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Where’s good for outdoor skating in Cumbria? Anybody skated any of the seafronts? Or the new tarmac path out of Keswick, along the old railway line? Any other ideas?

Yes! I did wonder if it was you. No skateboarding is all inclusive. I’m 30 which isn’t as old as some on here and my skateboarding skills are very much lacking! We have some people who come down on quad skates and a few older people.

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I’ve not personally, I’ve skated along the path at Allonby before. As long as it is smooth you’ll be fine. If you are just interested in cruising then a softer wheel will help absorb any cracks and bumps and give a smoother feel whilst riding

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The usual default response is, stay away from longboards as they’re just not practical. Get a decent cruiser (with nose and tail) with nice soft wheels and that should cover you for most rough British roads and pavements.


This Santa Cruz complete from Slam City might suit. Looks cool too

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Thanks! Well I’ll give that a try when the plague abates!

Is Kates Skates in Barrow a good place to buy kit? (I assume it’s skater owned, rather than a skate supermarket!)