Best bushings for heavy guys

Hi just got back into skateboarding at 49 but struggling with bushings on my Indy’s I changed the stock bushings for the hard as I’m a heavier guy and prefer stiffer trucks, but I’ve split them today. Any advice or recommendations I was thinking of just going for the super hards and not tighten my trucks as much as I normally would, or maybe bones hard but unsure of the conical shape compared to the cylinder ones

How heavy we talking?

I found bones hard bushings did a good job for me.

16 stone

If you are using Bones bushings just keep the washers on, they do tend to split for heavier people if you don’t keep them on. You can also try mixing it up - put a hard cylinder bushing in the bottom and a softer conical one on top.

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Take them off & boil them

What @jimo said.

Bones hard bushing with one or both washers top, and maybe bottom.