Best frontside flip?

Opens his 411 Pro files with a banger too!

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There are a few in that Firm video.
He’s just super relaxed looking.

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Looks like he put some effort into that opener. It’s nothing on a reynolds fs flick

Come on man it was 1995! Haha.

I mentioned him because him and Natas and I think Bo Ikeda were the first people I ever saw do them.

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The particular Barbee fs flips I was thinking of are on a quarter at some contest. He was miles ahead of the competition at the time…so smooth.

Cory Juneau

(Just kidding it’s Penny forever and always, but boy do I love CJs skating)

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Yeah, I recall those sorts of early clips too but my nearest memory was from a vid I’d already mentioned.
He does have a memorable frontside flip because of his flowing style.

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I did vote but actually don’t like FS flips. Probably because I can’t do them, but I also don’t really think they look like a natural flowy move 99% of the time. Same as hardflips but even if I could do hardflips I’d hate them because they fucking stink to high heaven.

Barbee had this before most people knew fs flips existed.


Got to throw this in the mix , the fsf to 5-0 and the catch on the next fsf to go full 360 is glorious


The best. There’s that line in TDGAFAU where he does frontside flip- sw heel- half-cab flip. Also immense. To add another to the mix: Silas Baxter Neal alley-oop to wallride

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Wade D in DGK ‘Parental Advisory’

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I broke my ankle trying to FS flip off something, after weeks in bed, lots of skipping and getting my confidence back thought I needed to get over the fear of them and learn em properly, promptly broke my ankle again…
Haven’t done a FS flip since… enjoy watching them though!

totally agree that Barbee is up there. It’s like watching a an old man do it but an old man that was the best in the world in his day. Much like a Jason Lee 360 flip.
I appreciate Reynolds’ but I kinda prefer everything else that he does more, he has a knock knee catch in photos and I think it looks odd. Sarmiento has a glorious one. Penny took a while to get his good.

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Satva leung 1:02

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This is turning into the best switch fs flip comp.

As long as Muska’s don’t win urgghh

switch frontside flip goes to MJ in yeah right.

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I’m sure he’s done some lovely regular ones as well.