Best frontside flip?

Let’s have this out.

  • Penny
  • Reynolds
  • Rowley
  • Shipman
  • Carroll
  • Sarmiento
  • Cromer

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Covered in some detail here:


it’s reynolds.

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Honourable mention for Kerry Getz…


Best forum fs flip is Pervert. Saw him do one last night.

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Reynolds down big stairs/ gaps

Carroll or Sariamento everything else

Is there much footage of Reynolds doing them on flat in lines and such? Can’t think off top of my head


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I like JB GIllet’s on flat but would probably have to say Tom for the bigger ones gaps etc

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And first line in this.

Plus one at 1:39

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@Bridmarble agreed, JB does have a tasty one on flat.
watched an old 411 with him in recently.
He has a great, effortless-but-not-lazy, ninja flick to them


It’s Penny.

Ray Barbee, Reynolds and Jeremy Wray runners up.

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The board never looks to come off his feet when he does them very nice technique indeed.

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Good call.

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I was all for this till I saw penny do it better switch

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Need evidence of this Barbee frontside flip you speak of. Can think of exactly 0 examples.

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He had the Thrasher cover and some dope ones at contests in the 90s.

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