Best set-up for concrete mini ramp (Board/wheels/bearings/trucks)

I used to skate many years ago and have recently found a concrete mini ramp near me and wondering what the best set-up would be. Any help greatly appreciated

Find and visit your local skater owned shop when you can. Or I’m sure if you phoned the could offer advice.

This link was posted a few days ago for a reputable store in the north east…


To be fair the board you had many years ago will have had a reissue so just get that.


Depends on your ability really and size of the ramp. If it were me, and a 4-5ft ramp, probably 8-8.2" board, 55mm wheels max, but decent (not soft) Bones, maybe SPFs. But that’s personal opinion, I don’t like grippy wheels, the harder they are the easier it is to control slide but you need to have plenty of experience to do that.

An off the shelf setup will get you going soon enough. I’d spend a minimum of 100 quid if you’re just getting back into it. Or borrow a mate’s board to get a feel of what you like and don’t like.

Some good completes on the Ideal Birmingham website or slam city or Legacy. Forum discount at Legacy still I think. More expensive to get each individual item.

Would recommend pads and maybe a helmet at least initially to soften the slams especially as it’s concrete.

Bit late on the advice there

Just realised that’s from March 14th! Hopefully sorted by now ha

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