Best skateparks in Europe

Looking to do a 4 day weekend somewhere in Europe this summer and want to hit up some fun parks. Any suggestions? Somewhere obscure maybe that has decent parks? Not too fussed about street spots. I like the look of some of the parks in Bilbao, partially because it’s on the coast and we’ll probably skate for a couple hours then go chill on a beach.

South France has some ridiculousness with Marseille and Hiere parks, realistically though you need a car or to be able to understand the French transit system

Lisbon’s pretty fun, cheap, and easy to get about.

Faelledparken in Copenhagen and Stapelbad in Malmo are both fantastic parks. You could do both in a couple of days.

Yep, and that’s just scratching the surface.
In Malmo you also have Sibbarp (real close to the Oresund bridge) and Kroksbak park, along with a shedload of others nearby in the Skåne region - for more.
Helsinki has a good collection of parks I like, some better than others. It’s a rad city to explore by bike, go swimming, check out some islands and whatnot when the body is ground to dust.
This is a small list of parks and hassle-free all day spots I have for a couple of cities I visit regularly/live in, it might be of some help to others here - Google Maps

Seconding and thirding this.
Cheaper and easier to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark then freely take a short train ride into Malmo.
A place to stay might be cheaper in Malmo. Hostel in Copenhagen wasn’t especially expensive.

I thought food, etc. in CPH was eye-wateringly expensive last time I went. Probably because I was there with the lady and our kid.

Definitely worth spending the cash on going to Tivioli Gardens theme park one evening too, if that’s your thing.

I knew Copenhagen and Malmö would come up- and I totally agree, it’s just I already went on a non-skateboarding holiday there this year!

Lisbon sounds inviting though.