Bianca Chandôn

Don’t really know what to make of these

I like BC but not going to be flexing this

I rate them for making this. Might not be to the liking of the ‘gully’ streetwear heads, but the fashionistas might go for it. Disrupting gender norms is in!

Roman cosplay innit.

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I’m gonna cut to the chase.
It’s shite.

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Honestly not even sure who this is for. Not even for women as the sizing is for men?

They could be in a Vogue spread for sure. Alex Olson seems to know whats up in the fashion world and they’ll eat it up. $435 shorts aren’t aimed at skaters, no matter what they look like.

Cut the PC bollocks they look fuckin stupid on a bloke…

what i make of it is that its a skirt, walk into a weatherspoons wearing it and let me know how you get on.

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How is it PC?

No-one in Weatherspoons is wearing anything at costs $435. I don’t think it’s aimed at that market.

Well, you’re in your 40s, right?

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I like you too.

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