Big Push

First time I ever met him he told me the pentagram on the ‘skate goat’ Thrasher chest tattoo would show up on an X-ray as the needle on the tattoo gun wouldve etched it into his ribs.


Also that he’d been in prison but couldnt say why


haha, that is a great porky. I love it when people lie to you and they know you can tell because it’s absurd but they still follow it through with aplomb.

What year was the one where you had to cut the cover out of the mag and put it in a case yourself?

I’m thinking it was either 1 or 2, what ever one that is, I still have in the loft

I was naive kid at the time so probably believed everything he said

Omg su-fucking-perb. You couldn’t make this shit up. I mean obviously he did. But you couldn’t.

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You going to say who you are?

I was the one who said you’d be ‘wearing the ragga suit for the whole day’

I don’t remember. Moggins?