Big Push

I’m just ripping a bunch of DVDs to watch…but I can’t find the first Big Push.
It’s in the loft somewhere.

I have 2 questions…

Who was in the first Big Push (2005) and also, does anyone have an .iso they could upload?



Nice one. It was a cover mounted DVD, right?

Yeah. Maybe in a proper box too, or I might be imagining that.

Yeah think it was a plastic case. Sort of cream coloured?

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Thin plastic case.
15 years ago :sweat_smile:


Maybe DM Percy on Instagram?

Slightly off topic but I really miss the excitement of opening the Big Push issues. You knew the footage would be heavy but also with a really good vibe, despite often the shittiest weather and conditions.



Anyone else on here currently get involved with the DIY Big Push?

I have a copy of the first one but it’s in Nottingham and I’m in Durham. Was thinking it should be online in good quality somewhere. What’s the best way to rip it?

I think a lot got lost when mPora went down.

I’m going to look in the loft tomorrow, as I am really sure I own it.

Best way to rip it usually is to an ISO file. Disk Utility or Roxio Toast will do that in a few clicks…it can then be uploaded to

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Best week of my life.


Give us some Ricky stories Hugo!

It was fun

He mostly just smoked blunts the whole time and was funny and had good stories.

I beat him at English pool.

It was a friendly game, nobody went to prison or the hospital.


Blackwell stories please.

Ah yes, didn’t the East section have some Swansea footy in it? Didn’t Mackey ollie into the St Davids bank?

I know it’s gone from the Youtubes.