Bingo Booklet

Easy fellas, Obviously I’ve posted it on IG & FB

But there’s some really sick Bingo (Steve75) Mag put together by his closest. I ordered 30 which sold out really quickly so I’ve ordered a further 30, I’ve put a pre-buy up and theres 20 left. They’ll ship next week.

Stories, Photos, Graphics from the Mischief Days.

All profits are going to Charity


Looks amazing. Nice work to you and whoever else was involved.

Sounds great. Purchased.

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I wasn’t involved in this, a few locals took it upon themselves to do it all, speaking to Bingo’s mates and the lad at Hype Type (Paul Hutchinson) who provided all the original chief graphics

The books we’re sold at the Bingo Jam but they could only afford to get a limited run as they were paying for them personally. They basically paid for themselves. Didn’t make any money for the charity at all. Maybe 10p per book.

I’ve priced them so they make at least a couple of quid for the cause, unless you use the free post code then it pays for itself.

Les Thank You. I hope you like it.

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Purchased, big up to everyone involved

I picked up one at the Bingo jam and popped in the shop and grabbed another yesterday, as it’s been put together really nicely and something you won’t be able to get hold of again.

steve75 forever.

Cheers for the heads up. Didn’t know about this. On it now. Nice one Ron.

You get a mention in it chaseone, I meant to tell you, oops. Sorry.

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Ah, cheers boss. Really appreciate that. Didn’t know anything about it. I still miss him.

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It’s so good would def recommend to anyone that knew him or was into mischief! Some hilarious stories too. Some which I’ve heard from Roz first hand too.

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