Bit too much flex

Hi All, First post. I’m new to boarding, took it up during lockdown to get out and bit of different exercise.
I’m getting on (haven’t killed myself yet). I decided that I wanted more of a cruiser so I bought a long board. Two bare feet 36’’. Seems like it will be ideal but I feel as if it’s a little too flexible (weak). Manufacturer said it will handle 100kg and I’m 97 (kg… not years)…so not much margin there. I realise that as long as my feet are close to the trucks I should be fine. I was wondering if I could add a little bit of strength to it??
Maybe brace it with something to reduce the flex and add a little of strength just in case?..Any ideas?

Hey, this is a skateboarding forum nobody here uses or knows anything about longboards I’m afraid. You’d be better off going elsewhere with these kind of questions, I’m sure there must be long board forums out there

Good luck!

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Burn the longboard and get a real skateboard.


C’mon @Les_Zeppelin burning is a bit excessive, I’d say repurpose it into something else… like a shelf for bog roll.

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I also know very little about longboards. But aren’t they supposed to be flexy?

You need rock hard maple when you’re pulling your moves, you don’t want to be flaccid even if it is long.

As long as you’re sending it it doesn’t matter how much flex you get :call_me_hand:t3: One thing I do know that will help however, especially if you’re a white man, is to grow some dreadlocks, alternatively if it isn’t your style looking like this will help you balance and learn the basics


Bolt a metal rod underneath.

In all seriousness, it won’t snap, stop being a pussy.

Oooh I wonder if this turns out to be an ad for longboards.
Surely not.

not enough flex imo 60 Minutes of Funk vol.1 - YouTube

Yeh judging on the title I thought this was about skaters who crouch before tricks and flex afterwards like aurelien giraud, adrian del campo or weckingball

I thought it was about skating with a solid gold watch on.

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:rofl: Thanks. I appreciate the comment. I’m getting more comfortable with it. My buddy rode it yesterday and he’s real chunky so I think ‘Pussy’ is right… …some of the other comments…man there are some real arseholes on here. Stay safe :metal:

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No worries.

Consider getting a regular board with big and softer wheels.

It will open the door to wanting to skate ramps and bowls.

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If you enjoy it, carry on.
If it breaks, buy a stronger (shorter?) one.

I think we’ve found a new tag line for the forum.

That’s all I ever skate now. Rolls over everything, and I can pretend I can use it to do tricks.

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