Blips: Cover Version 14th June 2019 -PREMIERE INFO-

Premiere info and ticketing here:

Hopefully I’ll get to see a bunch of you there!


Stoked! See you there boss :facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:

When will this be released and in what format?

Might book the Friday off work and come up from Cornwall for the weekend.

My thoughts exactly. Please make DVDs @Londonskater!

Please make it streamable for a small fee.

ahhh tickets all gone. any friendly soul grab 2?

Shit. I guess I’ll cancel that leave from work then. :frowning_face:

Well hyped for this! What a fuckin lineup! Although does anyone else think their graphic design and branding looks like it would have been shit even 10 years ago? Looks like the graphic department equivalent to wedding photography, every time I see posters pop up it could be for a Euro Blind video or something.

It’s just First Broadcast homage isn’t it

Yeah, exactly haha. Does it really need to be done? Would have been nice to see something original. Homaging your own past work to a new generation just seems a bit weird, not here or there but in the middle.

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Weird comment on the graphic design.

It’s very good in my opinion and is in line with it being a Magee video (and Parrot).

Fair does! Just thought it would be nice to have its own style rather than associate with things which are obviously related but maybe not relevant to the current crew. To someone who doesn’t get the reference it’s pretty dated.

its not actually meant to reference First Broadcast at all - but it is done by the same person, so it is in their style. Thats all, really.

Don’t suppose anyone knows of any spare tickets going for this?