Board drought?

Are there any insiders here that give any info about a shortfall in deck availability?
I saw a local SOS posting that they can’t get stock and has been scrabbling around to get a weeks worth.

Must be covid related but is it a temporary disruption in the supply chain or is there a wider problem?

Yep, been discussed here and a few places. Boards and wheels.

Cardiel currently running 99s.

Route One buying up the Swiss.

Etc. etc.

The shop here has fuck all left, just some random 7.75s and stuff that nobody wants. They’re saying they might have to close again as they just don’ have anything people want to buy. UK companies have been doing well out of it though as nothing’s been coming in from the states

My mate has loads of stock mainly due to the stock being locked in the XC building and not having the best advertising.

Worth giving him a shout.

Where’s the bottleneck? Is it at the distributors? I can’t find it now but I saw a post on LinkedIn talking about some of the pressers still having stock, so maybe shop boards or blanks are still an option for stocking… But I guess a deck isn’t very useful without wheels.

It’s decks I was interested in (and I’m alright jack btw) but it’s peak season for the SOSes and this would be a real blow to them getting back on their feet.

Bottleneck is mainly China.

It isn’t just affecting boards and wheels - footwear, clothing and a ton of other products are all behind on production due to the factories in China being closed for months.

All of the stuff dropping into stores right now would be Autumn '20. Where I’ve worked in the past; that stuff begins production at the end of March and takes until mid-June to finish.

That said, even if you didn’t buy wood pressed in China - the factory closures were almost global.
Production and manufacturing industry is behind.

I heard Nike are skipping kids trainers for Spring 21 to allow their factories to catch up.
Some other brands are skipping winter '20 pulling the carry over styles back into Autumn and the new styles into Spring '21.