Bournbrook DIY - Birmingham

Thought this deserved its own thread. I’ve not even had chance to get over there yet, let alone get involved (apart from donating). Rad work by all involved!

@bournbrookdiy (insta)


Looks amazing. people are getting a lot better at making things.

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been following them on insta from the first few days they’ve been at it, made ridiculously good progress in that time !

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Place is looking awesome, love seeing the updates, and a big shout out to all involved in it


Birmingham council are planning to let Aldi extend their nearby store and build over the DIY. The rest of the space for residential units.

You can object to the planning application here: Online Standard Details

That would seriously suck. Been meaning to make a trip down there at some point.

With some help from @gawkrodger I have been doing some digging and a lot of reading of the planning application.
All of which is publicly available -

The skatepark is in the area shown on the plans as MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) Retained Parkland. I think the skatepark is safe from this development, however the rest of the recreational park space (inc. skateable brick banks, the graffiti walls and basketballs courts) will be bulldozed to make way for affordable housing and extension of Aldi.

There are loads of references to the skatepark throughout the various application documents.

For example: There are proposals/recommendations for how to accommodate for the skatepark noise in the new build houses.
10.10. An enhanced glazing specification and alternatives to openable windows for control of overheating, is proposed to deal with any noise associated with the skatepark. Noise levels within garden spaces is also considered to be acceptable on the basis of the assessment.

Berni (one of the community leaders) had a conversation with SkateboardGB earlier today.
As soon as I hear more I will update.

Keep an eye on @bournbrookdiy and @birminghamskatespaces on IG for more.


nowhere in the planning documents does it state the DIY park will be demolished, and the section of the park in which the skatepark is located is marked for retained parkland.

There is an argument around green rec space/affordable and social housing dichotomy, but given most of the trees are being kept, in this instance I fall more towards the affordable and social housing side


That’s a fantastic achievement and those involved should be proud.

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Coping going in today!


Popping down for the am sesh tomorrow if youre about Tom.

Sorry mate, no can do. Taking the kids to a farm to feed some piglets!

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