Brand new to skateboarding is this a good beginner board?

You won’t go fast enough on that to hurt yourself. If you have to buy a toy skateboard like this, at least replace the bearings and the bushings in the trucks so you can move and turn. Then think about proper wheels. Otherwise the thing itself could put you off skateboarding.

Hello - welcome to the forum (& to skateboarding :crossed_fingers:).

I’d agree with Build - also, the description says that this is a kids complete, “a good size for the young beginner”. I’d be concerned that it’ll be too small and another thing to put you off.

If I was recommending a board to a beginner I’d suggest one of the completes from Rollersnakes (Unabomber ones look reasonable to me). Twice as much as you are planning to spend, but should save you having to spend again on wheels / bearings / bushings.



Went out last night , was fun as balls . Only going in a straight line for about 15-20 seconds but small steps :joy:


Good work! Just make sure you don’t push mongo (Google it)


Or push mongo for 3 years oblivious, then find out it’s whack and end up with an ill switch push :wink:


That’s what it’s all about - stoked for you!

Lol. I remember our little gang suddenly deciding that was frowned upon. Don’t know how it happened, as it was pre-internet / etc. We must have found out on the Sunday bus into Ipswich :smiley: .

Still don’t agree with mall grabs being wrong.

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I skated last night as well, was stoked that I can still fronstide air transition hips, was just blasting round doing those!

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