Brand new to skateboarding is this a good beginner board?


Have never skateboarded before and am now approaching 30.

Thinking of getting a beginners board to see if i like it. Will be used for cruising to start with so i can build up the coordination and control then onto the skate park when i am feeling brave.

There is a guy selling this board on a local Facebook for £25 two days old, is it a good one to get started with or will i have a bad time? Enuff Pyro II Kids Complete Skateboard | SkatePro

Do not want to spend a lot until i know i will commit to it

Any help would be smashing :slight_smile:

I would suggest a wider board. Those things are pretty crappy to be honest.

£20 Is the best you’re going to get for a bargain budget set-up too roll around on, the front truck looks skewiff in the promotion photo even, so I wouldn’t expect to much.

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that board will be fine if you’re a beginner. How tall are you and how big are your feet? 7.75" wide is quite narrow, but in all honestly will probably make fuck all difference if you’re just starting out

I reckon you could have a bit of fun on that, especially if you’ve never ridden a ‘proper’ setup. It’s not that long ago that we were all skating super narrow boards with tiny wheels.

Then when you fall in love with skating, you can always donate it to some local kid that won’t care that it’s not actually that great!

Thanks for everyone’s feedback if anyone knows of a good ones to let look out for on eBay second hand for a little more I can wait a bit longer

Around 5ft 8 and size 9 shoes

Do you have any recommendations on boards I could pick up in the second hand market which would not be much more?

Lincoln, I have had a look on Google but can not find any around here?

That board you posted was £25 I honestly don’t think you could do any better at that price, especially if it’s only 2 days old. Stop fucking about, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, each day you delay it you’re missing this glorious weather!


What Spanky said. Gonna rain next week, get the board and get out there and skate!

try checking gumtree or other local selling sites like that, seen some okay boards go for cheap on there.

for some reason the Facebook guy is not replying.

What recommendations do people have for one to buy new on a budget of £50 max?

this one will do the job.
good chance to work on your sticker game too.


8.125" perfect width for @Adam

Thanks this looks awesome!

If I stick with it should it last me a few years or will I need to upgrade within 6 months?

You should be good for quite a while.
Give it a shot, and remember don’t even think about tricks and just get the pushing and feeling comfortable down first.

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I will get it bought and find some empty car parks with some nice smooth tarmac to try with :joy:


Picking up the green version of this for £20 at lunch today Enuff Pyro II just to have a go on if i keep at it for 6-12 months will spend the big bucks

Are helmets and knee pads made equal or do i need to look out for specific things? Would a bike helmet be adequate protection to start with while just learning outside the skateboard park or does it need to be a specific skateboard helmet?

Looking forward to getting going tonight !

You won’t go fast enough on that to hurt yourself. If you have to buy a toy skateboard like this, at least replace the bearings and the bushings in the trucks so you can move and turn. Then think about proper wheels. Otherwise the thing itself could put you off skateboarding.

Hello - welcome to the forum (& to skateboarding :crossed_fingers:).

I’d agree with Build - also, the description says that this is a kids complete, “a good size for the young beginner”. I’d be concerned that it’ll be too small and another thing to put you off.

If I was recommending a board to a beginner I’d suggest one of the completes from Rollersnakes (Unabomber ones look reasonable to me). Twice as much as you are planning to spend, but should save you having to spend again on wheels / bearings / bushings.