Bristol heads

Skated the curbs there a few times, when visiting friends in Bristol. Lots of hotted up car activity, but that was all. The curbs were fun.

Sorry, I didn’t see this reply before! Yeah, probably because I don’t get out and skate as much as I would like to.
I’m sure you skated past me on Clouds Hill Road one time, pretty sure it was you as you were wearing a Brand New tee. Bu the time I realised was too late to say hi.

Haha! Yeah that would have definitely been me!

Hey man if your still looking for a skate mate in Bristol feel free to message me. Email is


Making new friends in your 30s is crazy hard anyway. At least with skateboarding you know you already have a common interest to bond over and it’s always super welcoming anyway.

I’ve moved all over and I always found with new cities it can feel like a bit of a weird vibe to outsiders/newbies when there’s a really solid scene there. So it can take a bit of effort to just show up and figure out who’s who and strike up some relationships. Like @ciaran says, it’s just a case of getting yourself out there.

Also, skating in cities often seems to have a bit of a “cool guy” thing where you think people might be “judgy” or “elitist” whatever you want to call it. Especially when there are cameras about. But I learned over time that when you think you’re getting “cool guyed” it’s usually just the “cool guy” just being socially awkward or shy anyway. I think it’s a bit of an illusion, it’s not that cool, it’s a bunch of people playing on a wooden toy lol.

^ not negging Bristol there, just general observations from moving around a bunch. Bristol’s sick, I bet you’ll have a blast

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Oh no, there’s plenty of this shit in Bristol.

I’m definitely not one to put on an act or try and be something I’m not. I don’t really skate/film much in the city any more but this vibe amongst one or two groups really rubbed me up the wrong way, especially as I’ve known some of these people since I was in my early teens.


I have replied to this Bristol Skate community thread as I moved to St George March 2020 just before the first lockdown. I arrived with heavy alcohol dependence which is what made my Skateboarding balance and coordination. Addictions often begin on one substance legal or not then the user suffering will change their vice for a different one. The day I arrived in st George was the day I stopped alcohol. I swapped for hard drugs. My knee was soooo slack I couldn’t run up stairs skipping every other step without it coming out of socket.

As bad as it sounds, I explain further down what I was doing for work and basically life as a nitty/crackhead got all my booze bloat exercised off and my knee became as healthy as it could without an ACL

I was given an old set up from…I WILL GET TO THE POINT.


The actual skaters who have that passion that I had …are polite, talkative and a pleasure to skate with. The ones who dabble or are casual tend to sit on the grass and occasionally have a roll around…I often ask to leave my bag with those people. One lad was being proper snide towards me it went like this:

Started talking about the UK scene and I eventually asked if he had heard of Joxa and also Daryl and told they weren’t just aquatintces then he implies that I didn’t know them…I watched a video he wanted to show me…when I showed him the Trailer for Nasty Pasty he literally gave it me back 30 seconds in and said “it’s boring.”

I got proper rubbed up against the grain and I was fuming then I was like:

Alright you know Shiner yeah they played snide social games with me and I stood up for myself.

Drunken idiot says: I know Jerome well …the other day he shouted my name out of the car and gave me two free decks.

So I went GUNNA hold back nothing…

"Ok, I did a freebie edit for a unrelated sponsor then your lovely uncle Jerome basically manipulated a 14/15 year old to basically gas me up and tried to DANGLE SKATE DECKS LIKE CARROTS AND SAY THE SPONSOR IS DIRECT FROM THE STATES. specifically 3 free boards.

I met said TM at Prime opening and if i was him and him me I would approach, introduce myself and say it’s me you are doing the edit for.

Basically the drunken idiot had his girlfriend with me and she sided with me and knew her boyfriend sounded like a really nasty twat.

Ok…errrrrrm yeah, it’s normally the people who are frustrated that they aren’t satisfied with what level of skill at skating they are at…so they worm their way in and make friends with people they think have names that hold weight in the scene and basically bitch and play social games as the are just so bitter and jealous.

When did these two groups rub you the wrong way?

Look, I’ve just started posting on here again about a week ago. The first and only person who has literally jumped on here and tried to say something hurtful to me hasnt replied to me after I’ve told him the truth as I always have.

I recall, you were very active over Bristol and the south west… notably Naan in Exeter.

Back then I had never heard or read you say anything about people rubbing you the wron way…so I’m hoping now that you have had a bit of a taste of something that is sounding kinda relatable after my move to Cornwall in 2008.

I’ve just sold my flat it St George two weeks ago.

The two years spent there I worked for a Somali Gang at my yard…


I’m not going to name names on here, that was never my intention. I just wanted to highlight that this still happens.

I’m also not sure if you’re referring to me not replying to something? I’m not active on here all the time, so apologies if that was the case.

I still talk to Naan and Skelly quite a bit. They’re both doing well, but I haven’t seen them in person for a couple of years.

I was gunna reply a few days ago but left it but then this lad I use to drive all round the Midlands and to comps has been ignoring me when I coment then it clicked in my head that drunk lad has probably gone round smearing me.

The first two weeks I literally dint do any tricks and then when I was confident my knee was holding up…started cracking blunt flips then kicking them away. The haters were blates hating and the sound peeps were biggin up.

In general everyone down St George skate park are sound and it’s vibes weekend nights.

This vid is filmed outside the bottom park entrance then across the lights and on that high street Before tesco

Just thought I’d check this thread out 3 years later :rofl: met a few skaters but they all turned out flakey as fuck or what has been referred too a "cool guys":rofl:

To sum up i basically just go skate alone super early morning whilst the cool guys are still in bed davesides the spot of choice these days for the curbs and that along bus lane👌

Going Bristol on Sunday to visit Clev and do the skateboards

I was there at dean lane slab in September and got chatting to the older locals in their 40’s, sound as fuck and defo no cool guy syndrome. We were all hyping each other and enjoying the sesh. I personally love the scene , some exceptional skaters of all ages there . I think the explosion in the scene in the last 5 years has made the OG locals a bit territorial but their sound once you get the banter going .

Sorry realised my post sounded a bit negative, there definitely a few decent guys about and most times I’ve skated and someone’s come down there always friendly most of the skaters I’ve met I’ve never seen again though!

Met a few lads first year I was here but was like trying to get blood from a stone getting them out so gave up :rofl: apart from that it’s a sick scene​:+1:

Ha fair play , I’m quite a solo skater so will just hit spots , see who’s gonna turn up if I’ve messaged. Never short of skaters in Bristol ha. Gutted they made centre spot a pain to skate with the floor strips , more dangerous for the public than us.

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Yeah skated centre a bit when I first moved loved the blocks for wallies and slides only skated it once since they skate stopped the floor :rofl: still always seems packed though when I go past.

Might catch you around sometime or may have already.

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Was there loads in 2021 when I was working local, been back a few times since. But will defo let you know when I’m there again.

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Are there any Bristol located heads active on the forum?

Have you hooked up with Mia in Bristol at all? She’s just moved to Cardiff but seems to be in Bristol all the time skating M32 and Deaner.

I feel a bit guilty cos I said I’d go skating but with her but I’m never up for a mission I always go for the lazy skate option. I’ve always been the same :laughing:

I haven’t. I’ve barely got out on the boardsince moving here really. Settling into the new job has been pretty full on and I usually squeeze skating in after 8pm on a weekday but haven’t found somewhere to head out too that’s lit up.
Morrisons carpark is gonna take a pounding though. Very nice curbs

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I struggled finding somewhere lit up and chill to skate afterwork found certain places are bit hit or miss, but there are a couple of carparks about just depends where abouts you are in Bristol mate.