Bristol heads

Not sure if this is a lame request but I’m moving to Bristol this weekend obviously for skateboarding this is good, However I don’t know any skateboarders there, Sure I’ll meet local dudes down parks ect but thought I’d put the feelers out for possibly skate friends.

Basically anyone fancy meeting up for a roll/ beer or whatevez some point in the next few weeks?


I was in the same boat many years ago and met what became my best friends at Dean Lane. It’s a fun, yet challenging skatepark - the annual DLH Fun Day was cancelled at the weekend and put back to Sept 14th. Every skater in a 50km radius seems to show up for it, even if it’s just for a few beers as it gets pretty hectic.
The Centre spot is the new go-to if street skating is your thing.
All the various (older, career and family-men) crews get together on Thursday evenings to skate and discuss Wittgenstein, so once you’re out and about, you’ll run into folks.
The city is pretty small, so the more that you’re out and about skating, even by yourself, you’ll be recognised and meet people that way.

Best of luck.

PS - Can’t meet up as I’m no longer in Bristol…


What Ciaran said!

I’m not about as much as I used to be due to my 1.5 yr old (basically once/twice a month if I’m lucky), but I’m sure we’ll bump into each other at some point.

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Yeah the Deaner is cool. Only been once or twice but seems friendly and ‘core’, ha

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Cheers for all the info man! It’s an awkward one for sure being 30 years of age and having to make new friends who skate haha

Only been to the Deaner once a few years back was fun but seems a bit too gnar for me some of the new smaller obstacles up top seem ok so I’d prob go try it.

As for the new city centre spot that looks more my cup of tea but again going to a street spot alone and joining in on a sesh seems a bit daunting.

Nearest park to where I will be staying is St George’s which looks pretty good so will most likely go there alot at first.

Thanks again for info

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Yeah man I’m gunna try really make an effort if I’m out skating to talk to other skaters as bit worried I’ll lose the motivation to skate if I have now skate pals.

Well I moved there when I was 27, so I was in the same boat. Randomly, the crew of friends I made generally didn’t skate the Deaner that much, I just happened to bump into them there. The rest of the extended DLH army are a good bunch too. The Deaner is tough enough to skate to be fair, but eventually you’ll get used to it.

Like I said, getting out and about will mean you meet more people. Chances are that the people you meet in your first week may not end up becoming firm friends, but at least you’ll get to know others through them. Showing up is half the battle! Just get out there and enjoy your skating.w

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St George’s Park is right near me. Definitely up for a skate there some time.


What everyone said above is spot on.

If slashing and gnarling is your thing, you’ll love it at the Deaner. If not, the top section now has loads of little curbs and lumps.

The DLH are pretty friendly and the young uns are pretty social too.

As well as the DLH Fun Day on Sat 14th Sep, there’s also a fun day bowl comp at Filton park on Sat 7th Sep. I’m sure there will be loads of people there and there’s always a good number of new locals accepted into the Bristol skate scene.

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Sick yeah keen man, I will probably be down there as much as possible as it’s like 5 minutes walk away.

Sick yeah think I’ll head down to the Deaner jam even if it’s just to chill.

There’s not a lot of skating there anyway, sometimes! Good old knees up though!

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Sounds good to me man look forward to it.

No way! That’s my local, I live right by it!

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Pretty mental we’ve never bumped into each other there, that’s my local, too.

In fact, I think I’ve only met you in person once?! At that Campus Coffee thing… I think?!

Rad hopefully see you down there man! Move Saturday so probably check it out one day in the week or somthing.

Checked out st George’s park today pretty crusty in places but fun

You know anywhere in the centre to skate like a secluded car park? Really want to get back into it but it’s been over 10 years and don’t fancy looking like an idiot with other people around!


Around the back of The Showcase cinema in St Philips. There’s often 3-4 seasoned locals there on weekends - I skated there a lot when I lived there. It’s pretty quiet on all fronts.

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Quite a few carparks about college green one is alrite for a roll around when it’s wet outside normally pretty chill too