Broadmarsh, Nottingham Skate Spot - Crowdfunder

Dear Beloved Friends,

I apologise for contacting you like this. I have a monetary request to make of you.

I am a doctor from the small village of Nottingham City. Our town has recently been decimated by the destruction of our esteemed shopping centre: the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. Before this incident, we were a prosperous community built on commerce but, alas, we have fallen on hard times.

The village’s elders has agreed to build a space for skateboarding on part of the site of the aforementioned shopping centre. We now need to go about filling this spot with obstacles. I am here seeking the injection of £15,000 into our fayre citie. I am therefore presenting you with a unique opportunity to make an investment in skateboarding.

As some of you will recall, Nottingham once house a treasured skateboard spot: the Broadmarsh Banks. Many travelled far and wide to roll on this hallowed ground. This venture will allow for the creation of a new spot very close to where the original banks lay.

We would like to build the spot urgently. Please enter your bank details into the following, 100% secure, website: A new skate-friendly public space in Nottingham - a Community crowdfunding project in Nottingham by Skate Nottingham You also have the opportunity to exchange money for rewards such as a 100% genuine wooden skateboard deck from world-famous skateboard shop ‘Forty Two Shop’.

Your immediate response would be gratefully accepted.

Your best regard,
Dr Dent Face

P.s. Please watch video from our charismatic leader explaining our investment scheme:


Don’t live a million miles away from Notts - hope to skate this one day - have made a small donation cheers for the heads up

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Thanks so much dude. This is massively appreciated.

Looking forward to skating here - donated :+1:

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Thanks so much man! Yeah, it should be a fun space!

Bumping this for anyone who might have missed it. We’ve had a really encouraging amount of donations, but if anyone wants to help fund this new skate spot in any small way please click on this:

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What happens if the target isn’t met? Can you bombard some local companies or larger skate companies for some charity?

Good question. If anyone knows any philanthropically-minded companies who might be willing to support this, ask them to get in touch with Chris at Skate Nottingham -

Also Sport England will give us £7,500 when we reach £3,750 (which we are very close to doing). But that does still leave a further £3,750.

The donations have already come out of people’s accounts, maybe Crowdfunder refunds everyone automatically?

Edit: we just got the Sport England cash. Big shout out to whoever just donated.


Some new rewards added to the Crowdfunder, included System Magazine issue 1 for £40 if anyone wants to relive that moment in UK skate history.

Just chucked a fiver in. Really hope it reaches the goal.

Thanks so much dude. Mega appreciated!

No worries mate, haven’t been to Notts for a couple of years but still feel a huge attachment to it.

Thanks to everyone who donated/helped with the Crowdfunder. We reached our goal at the end of last week and I am so stoked/relieved.

There is still time to donate - the more we raise, the better the spot will be - and you can do that here:

Also huge thanks to @anonymity for conducting an interview with former Icon stalwart and 42 shop worker Scott Underdown, which you can read here:

Scott’s nosesliding skills feature in a Wig Worland print which you can buy as one of the Crowdfunder’s rewards. There’s also another Worland print available of Rushbrooke grabbing over the Broadmarsh banks’ hip, which is equally iconic. CJ has also provided some prints of AVE (his Sidewalk cover wallie, one for you @PiledriverWaltz) and Rowley (at Kirkby quarters). You can buy all these, and many more lovely things, via the rewards section:


Hey yo,
So glad to see that the spot is now officially open - can’t wait to head across for a sesh.
Congratulations, it looks rad!

Eat this Europe - who said Brexit was a sh!t idea? :eyes::eyes:

Hahaha no one skating and completely soaked

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I hope this is a joke. Some of the obstacles and the material they’re made from are directly inspired by those we’ve skated in Malmö. Europe has led the way with these kinds of hybrid spaces.

Chris was referring to the self-funded aspect of the project when he said there was nowhere like it in Europe. Some European governments are more progressive and have funded spaces like this.

Hahaha, init? “based under the tram viaduct to keep the spot dry”
Yep. Nailed it.

Haha, yeah man. Maybe I should’ve slung this one in the dad joke thread!

Totally, European countries are fucking leagues ahead of us in terms of progressiveness and skate celebration - their spots aren’t purpose built for skating cos of the universal acceptance of skateboarding.

We’re still dealing with Daryl and Margaret of 42 Station Road who vehemently object to a planned skatepark project cos “it’s a breeding ground for drugs” - c’mon Daryl, it’s not 1993! I guess we’re only as progressive as our population. We are, at least, definitely making big strides in the right direction and tramline spot is a perfect case in point.