Broken bones old skater

Feeling gutted.

I’m 43 yrs old and made a comeback to skating earlier this year. Things were going great until I hung up ollieing up a ledge. I fell forward onto my hands and fractured my 4th metacarpal (a small hand bone). After 4 weeks and still with my cast on I couldn’t resist a skate. Again all was going good until my trucks slipped off the coping whilst grinding in the bowl. In an effort to protect my broken hand I crashed down on my shoulder and dislocated it. I somehow managed to get out of the bowl and drive myself to A&E!

I have 2 days to go in my cast but the shoulder is going to take long to heal. I’m feeling so bummed out.

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Dam nick. I hate to be the bearer of even more bad news but don’t fuck with a dislocated shoulder. A friend dislocated his and skated while healing, fell and popped it out again.
It was kind of game over from him at that point skating wise. He had surgery on it (maybe two?) and it just never set properly again and would pop out doing the smallest things, like rolling over in his sleep. I hope yours isn’t as bad, but rest up hard. If you still have okay movement maybe start taking photos or filming some clips to help you get your fix in a different way?

All the best mate, hope it all works out well.

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Fuck, not what I wanted to hear :disappointed:. I will definetely take a break to heal but don’t want to quit skating. Maybe I’ll just stick to flat ground.

Yeah chin up @nick, spend the downtime getting some flexibility back and following some routines from skate physios on Insta so you’re ready to get back on it when shoulder is ready. Session that balance board!

What @Spanky said.

I went through 3 serious consecutive injuries about 4 years ago then was fine for 3 years, then hurt my foot again last winter and I’ve been fine again since March. Past a certain point you know your body isn’t as strong as it once was and you gotta take care of it. Keep your head up @nick.

Hello Nick - welcome.

It’s never good to read about someone’s injuries. Take the advice from them above, rest and take it easy. I’m sure it’ll all come good.

On the subject of balance boards. I’ve never tried one - are they helpful from a skate POV?
Would a bit of old tube & an used deck do the job?


Thanks for all the support guys!

Balance board is a good suggestion. Should I use an old deck and water bottle to keep it skate related or is it better if I purchase one?

I got one of these, even comes with the pump/adapter:

Stick it under the bathroom sink and stand on one leg whilst you’re brushing your teeth. Also took it on holiday as you can blow it up/deflate it and it’s easier to store rather than having a knackered old deck kicking around. A deck on a tube will only give you strength across one plane. A cushion gives a bit more varied movement. Once you got it dialled try closing your eyes, it’s like starting over again as it’s really really hard to do but really good for sharpening up your balance.

Nick, when the shoulder is back to full strength, get doing yoga, calisthenics and other body weight fitness, such as mobility training along with learning how to fall, judo style, and swimming to rehab the shoulder. While none of them will outright prevent further injury, they will help limit it, along with making you fitter, faster and stronger.

Any balancing with your eyes closed is hard, even just on one foot!