Broken coloured layers decks


I am Robert. I make rings from recycled materials and I always wanted to try making some from those coloured layered skateboard decks.

If you have any broken decks like that around the house and you are willing to give them away for free, I would be happy to take them off your hands.



Are you paying for postage or collecting them ?

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Depends where you live :slight_smile:

Was Probably best to state all this info in your first post rather than this pointless guessing game .

I can pay for postage, but if you live somewhere near Braintree I can collect as well.

Cool , contact the Pioneer skatepark in St Albans , they have a broken board bin full of them .

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Thanks mate! I will get in touch with them. It might be a long shot tho since they might be closed

They are shut at the mo but still taking emails and social media messages. Only a couple of week till lockdown is hopefully over anyway.

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