Cafe - ‘TENOR’

Good shit.



Whole thing was brilliant

Sam Nobbs might be favourite new guy at the moment aways stoked on anything I see of him

Great to see new Sean Curry part

Dom Henrys last two tricks in particular were incredible

Maybe some of the best Korahn footage of his career, that sw back tail shuv rollaway was the dopest thing ever

Love the Layth Sami comeback of the past few years, totally unique trick selection and way of skating for a UK skater

Never really paid much attention to Ollie Lock but that was super good, all the road gap to curb stuff and the final trick were amazing

That’s also the best Ollie Lock footage ever. You can tell he really put the time in for that footage.


Absolute masterpiece!

Awesome, good fun.

wicked as ever. The cafe guys never cease to amaze me with how many new ways they find to approach absolutely rinsed spots like lloyds/little lloyds/bristol bridge hip etc.

Korahn part was mad - that switch ollie over the blocks by the cenotaph was fucked, that thing is huge - don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone skate that before. Amazing Ollie Lock part too, he seems to have been on a proper mission since he went to london

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Currie was so good.
Everyone was…
I bought a(nother) hat from Ollie last night after watching that. So sick.

Proper #cmoac, I filmed Mark Pritchard ollie it and then front shuv off the kerb after.


What I really like about Shaun Currie is he always looks like he’s having a good time skating.


Yep. And that ender was done with the sickest style.


Even when he’s not skating. Dude’s like the Cheshire Cat.


Bumped into Shaun at the House contest yesterday.
I passed on your regards and my own.
That flip noseslide at Scrubba Hideout/L Ledge in Leeds couldn’t have been done better.


This is excellent.
Great way to mark 10 years.


Daniel Clarke is way better than I thought he’d be. So much good stuff in his part. Yelped at the 180 fakie nose grind switch biggie.