Calling all artists!


I wondered if anyone on here could recommend a decent company for sketchbooks?? I’m wanting to graffiti up an old deck but wanting some decent paper to use with sharpies, POSCA and maybe some alcohol markers…don’t really know where to start! Any tips would be appreciated! TYSM xx

Just anything thick and rigid that won’t buckle under the moisture. Card thicker than 250gsm I’d say for posca.
Smoother the better if it’s practicing for deck art.
You can find stuff for cheap in somewhere like the Range if you have one local although the shop is rancid. Otherwise art shops or order on ebay.

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For markers


The best card to doodle on is that shiny white card you get in a new shirt. So just buy a load of shirts


Use pigskin

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So cool! Thanks for the recommendation!

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Oooooo interesting! Maybe a trip to the market is in order!!! TYSM

Tea bag box + Bic biro = :man_cook: :kiss:

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