Camera Thread

Indeed - it’s no accident that Fuji cameras (and X100 series in particular) punch well above their weight at things like the World Press Photography Awards. This was last year’s second place shot:

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The fuji built in profiles are really special. I see people tweaking the in built settings, to get even nicer results straight out of camera.
It’s such an interesting little camera, with so many unexpected features.
Leaf shutter, so flash sync is ridiculously high, as well as a built in 3 stop ND filter.
I also like how you can change focal length with the additional lens adapters, and never have to worry about getting dust on the sensor. Great at the beach or in shitty weather when I would think twice about changing lenses on my other camera.

This sounds sick


Any VX nerds out there? A friend here has the og VX and it’s not committing anything to tape. He says it needs a cleaning tape or something. That sound right? Anything else he can try?

Speak to Brownie on Insta. I have some of those tapes at my Mums if he needs one.

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Best of luck with a cleaning tape, they’re so hard to come by these days… especially for a reasonable price. Best of luck, though!

I have maybe 5/6 at my mums some of them unopened.

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Considering getting a cheap HD 4:3 set up but have no clue where to start.
I guess some sort of DSLR set up would be cheapest. Any recommendations?
Looking at @Londonskater

Been wanting the same for a minute.

You could probably get a GH series…Would mix with the HPX quite well.
Thing is, you’d need speedbooster, lenses, etc.
Theres not really a cheap option.
Would be banging though - and whole setup would be cheaper than a HPX fisheye.

Or, you could go the AX700 route and mod a Century Mk1 to fit?

Get an XF100. Tidy to use and they’re can go quite cheap. I’ve got a Mk1 with an adapter onto mine along with a macro lens. It gives it a good level of distortion.