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6mm fisheye, £160k.

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“May 08, 2012”

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Mirrorless vs DSLR.
Pros, cons, experiences, etc.

I prefer mirrorless. Smaller, lighter, works really well with old manual lenses. Thought I’d miss a real viewfinder but actually don’t.

Cheap enough too nowadays.

But my DSLR kit is pretty old and knackered now, so not really a fair comparison I guess.

Am selling my Canon 650D. Body, 18-55mm lens, charger, 32gb card, and hand grip, £230.

After filming skating for the last 15+ years I’ve decided I’d like to give the photography side of things a try. My mate said a Canon 7d is a good starter camera and some affordable fisheye lenses are available. Any opinions/advice?

Looks OK to me, pro-sumer level so some nice to have features like that wheel and joystick on the back.
Built in flash so you can experiment before spending out on flashguns and whatnot.

I think you can take as read that the internals and image quality will be OK. It shoots RAW files too so you can do further tweaks if that’s your bag.

It’s a crop-sensor so read around how those fisheyes actually perform with regard to shooting skateboarding. Back button focussing is great. Good luck!

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As @nut says really, take a look into crop sensors and the lens you want to use.

It’s got 8 frames a second which is not bad at all if you want to do a few sequence shots.

If you can a battery grip can be useful, more for holding than a battery, unless as is feels good.

Main thing will be to get some decent CF cards for it, l use lexar 1066x 32gb in my camera, but plenty about.

Back button focus defo the way to go too

What do you mean outsourced? Quite a few people write for Jenkem.

So much more ready with a thumb.

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Something I did for Fujifilm cameras


Obviously my main work is in video (where I use BlackMagic), but I’ve got one of the original Fuji X100 cameras and it’s one of the best impulse buys I’ve ever had.

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I love those cameras. The X100 series are the best-looking cameras out there

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You’re missing words in the article

Am I? I’ll reread!

Careful with calling yourself a “skate photographer”. You’re a guy with a camera, and you sometimes snap photos of your mates doing early grabs on a private vert ramp.

You are not a skate photographer.

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I love my x100, it’s small enough to take everywhere, but still be a ‘proper camera’
Mine broke, and funnily enough I sent it back to Fuji today to get it repaired.

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I have an X100V that goes everywhere with me. Perfect size and such fun to use.

A couple more pics

Yeah, they look so good but also produce some great pictures. I really like how the colours are immediately out of the camera, you could almost do no editing to them and it would still look nice.