Can anyone tell if this is a decent skateboard or not?

Was looking to buy a skateboard to learn tricks during quarantine :slight_smile:

I found this and it’s up for £30! She’s telling me that her son paid £130 for it. These images aren’t amazing, but can anyone tell if this is an alright skateboard from them?

Thank you!

Looks quite thin, maybe 7" wide. And the wheels are massive. Omg are they 70mm?

Probably worth £30 but swap the wheels out for some 54-56mm and that board would be a little friendlier to skate. If it’s under 7.75" wide and you’re over 5’ 6" or have over size 8uk feet it will probably be too narrow.

And remember, it’s only worth what someone will pay for it. Not what the seller thinks it is worth.

The board isade by a company affiliated with Braille, the skate YouTube channel aimed at kids.

The wheels seem to be longboard wheels.

Wouldn’t say 30 quid is good or bad for this since it is probably not use able for anything other than cruising about on and it’s not perfectly suited to that either.

Depends what type of skating you want to do. would be a good board for filming your friends with but not for doing tricks.
Revive is a brand born on Youtube and very popular. Personally the brand is fucking terrible but they’ll be using the same wood as most other skate brands so the actual board will be ok, unless they do a beginner level product which is cheaper made.
No idea what the trucks are, Revive may have their own brand by now but who knows. Knowing what trucks they are, is key to finding out whether this is a decent setup or not. Bad truck brand means all you have is a half decent deck as the wheels are pointless for learning tricks.

that is definitely not a decent skateboard