can you help me?

i got this board back in the 90 s from a kellogs contest(1st price).i have no idea what board it is,all i know its a Concklin board.please help me.

It’s a Powell board. Probably from the days when it was no long Powell Peralta.

Probably moderately valuable in that condition for the right buyer.

I used to be quite into this era of boards and I don’t recognise it, so it must be on the rare-ish side. Just looked it up it’s a Powell peralta lance Conklin board from 1993. As it’s a slick and pretty much untouched I’d say you got a good chance of selling it, but it’s so specific (and not the prettiest or most memorable graphic) you got to find the right buyer. Although artofskateboarding list it as ‘rare’ take that with a pinch of salt, it doesn’t mean you’ll get 1k for it. Like I said you need to find the right buyer.

Try ~ Index it’s a buying and selling forum, although as I understand it most transactions and groups are on Facebook now.

Thanks :slight_smile: this was a big help :slight_smile: