Carharrt WIP 'Inside Out'

duh oh yeah

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This is what I felt like when I watched it, really getting tired of the more no-name based montage feel of certain edits, especially when there’s a lot of people and people who may skate/look similar.

Unfortunately I didn’t stop watching it out of choice, but mainly my internet being crap last night. I thought the editing was alright for the first few minutes, but it got a bit distracting and a bit off at points with the edited talking? But that was me viewing it as a ‘core’ skate edit and not like it was intended as this across a different audience with it being a ‘streetwear’ brand, which to me it seemed to be set to? I mean some others have said that already anyways, but my 2p that is aye.

I thought it was excellent, but as you say @Pedromayn it could have done with some name titles.

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I asked them about that for a thing I’m doing.
They did know about the Gullwing video but the reference isn’t deliberate.

Did I?
I just did again.
Guess I’m the old fuck

First post!

…you old fuck.

Good vid, but I can’t think about Carharrt without thinking about the Washington riots last year.

It’s okay they’ve alienated all those people now by telling their factory workers to get vaccinated.

Thought it was awesome, but I can’t help but get distracted from Max Palmer’s mint skating by his balding man but still going with long hair look.