Carharrt WIP 'Inside Out'

Just went up on their YT.
Lots of Ibu, Sylvain, Remy T, Max Palmer, Matlock etc.

(The Gullwing reference isn’t intentional I don’t think)


ibu sanyang

Enjoyed that - some good architecture featured too!

Fucking hell. This is on the same level as Mind Field for me. Absolutely incredible!!!

Loved this video! Great skateboarding, great music, has quite a bit of originality. Will watch multiple times :slight_smile:

This Carharrt video is cool, but Mindfield is an all time bonafide classic.


Minefield comment has be intrigued will watch on lunch.

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From the guy that nitpicks everything too.

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Hahaha, watched 2 mins this is not Mindfield.


This is a good video, but has loads of slightly unexciting super 8 footage in it. Definitely has the vibe of, partly, being designed to be shown in Carhartt stores.

Haven’t watched yet but seen people on Twitter describing it as a 30 minute clothing advert. Which tbf, it technically is.

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That basically describes every skate video ever


I said it was on the same level as Mind Field for me, perhaps I should have said I enjoyed it as much as Mind Field? Regardless, I absolutely loved it.

It had a lot going for it in my eyes, close to perfect vid IMO.

Of course. IMO it was done in a much better way than the Supreme videos. Very tastefully and re watchable.

Got to 7 minutes and got the gist and got distracted. May finish it later but probably not.
If the best tricks are in the top 10 it saves me some time.

Max & Remy were as good as ever. Glad to see Pepe ripping - he’s been good for ages…and Ibu jut fucked stuff up. Really enjoyed that.

Felipe looks sicker with his shaved head BITD, though.

To make something that long with a lot of random heads and have no names on it was a really bad idea.

Good video. I enjoyed it. Probably won’t watch it again, but that’s '22, right?

You guys are all old farts why has no one mentioned this

Really enjoyed this vid. Felt very fresh, loved the voiceover + the photo montage bits. Mad bank shit near the start, too. Did anyone else get a bit of a Jacob Harris vibe from the b-roll and sound design?

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Anon did, you old fuck.


There were instances where the reverbed talky bits worked but I felt like most didn’t. It took me out of the edit…
Good idea, just used way too much.

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