Cathode TV - Covid entertainment thread

Morning all,

Thought it might be nice to have a Covid thread separate from the other one which, for obvious reasons is pretty grim.

Stumbled across this insta account the other day -

LA based independent weird films etc account.

They do daily streams on a particular theme, all free to watch (live streamed though as it’s Twitch) - today’s theme is ‘Drugs’.

Playlist: here -

Hit their bio link or go direct to their Twitch

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‘Party Monster’ about NYC 80’s Club Kids scene/Micheal Alig is on just now.
A bit overly camp but M. Culkin’s in it

This looks sick!

Not sure if I could watch Party Monster at 9am though

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Blue Sunshine (LSD powered bald zombies) next, followed by Altered States

Fucking hell, quite the day ahead lol

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I can’t recommend this film enough.

Serious passive drinking experience.

My favourite drug film (booze).

This sounds like a UK tour edit from 2005.

Posted this before but I’m fascinated by these squares and love this:


Werewolf theme today

yeah, I watched that when you posted it last time…Had the tab open for days, so forgot where I’d stumbled across it.

Thank you!

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Keep off the moor. Stick to the roads.

Cathode TV are on a comic book theme today - Flash Gordon, Dick Tracey, all kinds of good shit.

Spider Baby on right now

Amazing film. Haven’t watched it in ages.

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That sounded expensive.

Guess it’s either a drug dealer or an Old Firm player.

Or somebody who works for the council.

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Also meant to post that in ‘Cars’, but I’m far too busy to read past the first two letters of a thread title.

Great schedule on Cathode tonight - ‘Street Cinema’ including ‘Crooklyn’ and ‘Kids’

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