Chad Caruso – Skating across America

Super stoked for him. That near miss on the last day though!

Gonna miss the daily updates.

Mad how no companies got on board with sponsoring him. Was all over the local news in a plain black shirt and painted black board. He should get free wheels and bearings for life surely.

Finally watched the last day. That final few miles with the escort was jokes

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I’ve noticed posts in Chad’s Insta stories where he’s been sent a few parcels - one from adidas earlier this week and one from Dickies today.

Which is nice.

yeah its cool that they waited for him to become popular, get in the guiness book of records and be shown all over social media before supporting him :smiley:

he said he had reached out to a number of companies before doing the skate and they weren’t interested. i’ve got no new respect for them now that they wanna play


It’d be fucking ace if Chad called them out on it. Where were you fuckers when I needed you!!! :laughing:


Kinda tight of Dickies seeing as Joeface who runs the Dickies skate thing is supposedly one of Chad’s best mates. You would have thought that they’d have kicked him down some threads before now, eh?

Apart from the Jackalope cap which almost never left his head :wink:

Obviously I’ve never skated across a continent but I have spent a lot of time on expeditions around the world. I have specialist technical kit for pretty much every activity. Chad’s gear choices would not have been mine. I just thought as he insisted on living in a black hooded sweat the entire time that his mate could have helped him out.

Also, as someone who likes decent quality, well designed clothes, I hate Dickies, (and tbh most skate related clothing too), and wouldn’t touch anything they make with a barge pole myself. I don’t think you’d need to push 50 miles to decide that work wear is a poor choice of clothing. Just skating to the local shops in Dickies would be enough to ‘ skin you alive’ :joy:

Really though I don’t care and I just fancied saying, ‘kick him down some threads’, for the sake of getting to use a Super Champion Funzone quote.